Music Instructor in Nottinham, MD & Perry Hall, MD!

It’s not easy to find music lessons, a quality rehearsal space, or a great music instructor. But that’s what we’re here for. We are Inner Sound Music Studio, and we have everything you need to bring out the music inside of you. We can even provide a music instrument rental for our students.

We can also provide a music instrument rental!

Step into our shop in Nottingham, MD and you’ll instantly see what we mean. Our shop is fully stocked with instruments, lesson books, and everything else you need to let your talent shine. We offer both new and used gear, and there’s no better place to go for music instrument rental.

However, where we stand out is in our spirit and heart, the music we’ve got inside of us. We’re locally owned and operated, and our goal is to help adults, children, and everyone else in our area grow and learn musically. We work closely with many of the area school systems, because we have children of our own in the Perry Hall, MD school system and we want to bring the gift of music to as many children as possible. We offer rehearsal space so budding musicians can have a place to practice in peace. Our music instructors can help you or your child learn almost any instrument.

Our goal has been the same since we were founded in 2003: to provide quality instruments and quality instruction in a clean and safe learning environment. Let us show you the difference Inner Sound Studio can make in your life or your child’s. Pay us a visit or call (410) 256-2699 today.

Taylor Sappe special for songwriting/theory or Cubase recording instruction!

Taylor is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10 to 9 and Saturday 10 to 3. Our special includes a moth worth of 1 hour lessons can be booked anytime Taylor is available for only $175 per month (normal rate is $200). Because these lesson will attract mostly older teens and adults I want to give them the flexibility of scheduling their own 4 sessions rather than the same time every week. Taylor is proficient in Cubase and teach anyone from beginners to experts on recording. Cubase is for all levels from beginner to pro engineers, sound designers, songwriters, DJs, music students and teachers, conductors, arrangers, beat makers, and much more.

He has his own website that you add to his page so people can see his accomplishments.

New Piano Room!

Inner Sound Piano programs now features a Yamaha Baby Grand piano and a brand new piano room.

Music Instructor Nottingham, MD